Way too many people fall through the cracks...

Inequity in mental health support services is real.
Not enough people who need help get the help they need.

A New Way. A New Vision. A New Movement.

Your Health. Your Way.

We're building a thriving community, to affect positive change on an individual and social scale.

Our mission is to positively impact society through empowering individuals en masse to create positive change.


So what makes us different?

How we empower you to control the most important things in your life:

your mental health journey
AND your information.

Our philosophy is grounded on the insights from
the mental health consumer movement.

It redefined 'patients' as 'consumers' signifying a change in the power dynamic between them and clinicians.


Empowering Individuals

COREmpower advocates for providing both autonomy and ongoing, effective support to consumers, and we intend to make this the norm.

In our primary research, we found that consumers now prefer to be called individuals; we honour this in all our messaging and communications.

COREmpower values human life, civil rights, the individual, self-autonomy, and community.

We are a research organisation. If individuals feel comfortable doing so, we engage them about their experience and ask them to participate in our ongoing research and development. Feedback is very important to us and want to know when something does and does not work for individuals.

We focus on personal recovery through the CHHIME* model, proving structured support, transparency, and autonomy to the individual.

*CHHIME is a strength-based model which allows for collaborative approach to holistic view to supporting individuals in working towards their personal recovery.
We have adapted this model to include health (CHHIME) as research now shows the undeniable link between physical and mental health.

individuals choose
what is undertaken,
in what areas of
their life, who is
and have
access to and
management of all
of their mental
health records.