Opening up Pathways with Technology

With research-backed, innovative technology, we are filling the gaps in mental health and wellbeing support by linking individuals and professionals.

Combining technology and evidence based research, CORE Journey will intuitively guide and support you along your wellbeing journey.

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The Features

Goal Setting and Tracking

Daily Wellbeing and Guide

Links with Professionals

Are you a mental health professional looking to connect with new and existing clients?

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What are the benefits?

Built on evidence based research and AI technology,

CORE Journey will guide you
your individualised
wellbeing and pathway;

supporting you to track, monitor and manage you unique journey.

Find your self along CORE Journey's unique pathway of individual exploration.

Understand yourself more, gain strength and confidence while being supported along a pathway of discovery.

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How it Works

A behavioural health app designed to empower and guide you through your wellbeing journey.

The app supports you to track, record and reflect upon your journey using proprietory AI technology. You will have access to your own data and records, and have the choice to share your data with whomever you choose.

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  • Individualised daily support
  • AI Technology
  • Mood tracking
  • Goal support
  • Researched backed wellbeing guidance
  • Links with professionals

Click here to be notifed when CORE journey's app is live!
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