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What is expected?

Over a 4 week period individuals will have the opportunity to engage with the beta version of the CORE Journey app. During this time participants can navigate the features of the app, including the personalisation of your profile, daily mood logs, sleep logs, nutrition records and access to peer and professional support.

We will ask participants to participate in several surveys throughout the study that will take place prior to testing, during the testing phase and when testing is complete.

Participating in the surveys will be used as a way of receiving your feedback, understanding what you liked about the product and what you think we could change. After testing we will collate your suggestions and enhance the final product before releasing it into the community.

  • A safe and trusting online portal to share information
  • A customizable identity profile
  • Daily mood tracker
  • Tracking and setting personal goals
  • Activity tracker
  • Access to a live chat for peer and professional support
  • Food and nutrition tracker
  • Support resources
  • Calendar, appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Access to Blogs

We understand that talking about mental health can be extremely challenging and sometimes people don’t feel comfortable sharing. For this reason we make sure that your data is de-identified. De-identified data means that anything you disclose with us will be anonymous and will protect against identifying who you are.

The people who participate in the beta testing phase will only have their data used, for the purposes of research development and adapting the COREmpower app. This way we are aware of what the community wants and needs and how we can better the outcomes for them.

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